Suicide Intervention

It has been quite a while since I have written; life takes us many places and there is always something to keep me away.  I am a member of a spiritual, inter-faith online community, and one discussion last night prompted me to come back here and start a discussion on suicide intervention.  For any of you […]

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Piracy? A summation [Mod 5]

I was asked an interesting question relating to online piracy, where I was to put myself in the artists or producers shoes and think about my reaction to the unauthorized or ‘pirated’ use of my music (or related content).  My previous post on piracy discussed some of the laws and court decisions (interpretations) relating to […]

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PTSD; the hidden wound

I was moved by the process of remixing a video using Mozilla Popcorn, but really disappointed that the product does not always play as it was originally intended.  As such, I chose to play with another media – Storify.  Unfortunately, I have no idea how to “remix” video to tell my story, so I have […]

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On pirates and PTSD [mod 5]

Pirates and PTSD; how do these relate to one another?  Well, I find music therapeutic, and sometimes I look to the internet to find sources of music to download without cost.  I have shared music online and used some of that same music (in whole or in part) in other things I have produced (like […]

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Copyrighted?: a summation

I’ve discussed the idea of using video to create a collage of images, words, music and such that is representative of personal experience (be it as deployed soldiers, or in reference to our diagnoses).  What I continue to contemplate is the intellectual property and copyright (IP/C) laws that protect these same original images that we […]

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